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Nail Patch, Nail Sticker, Nail Polish

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Nail Patch, Nail Sticker, Nail Polish


Aurora Nail Patch express beautiful mind and body of lady affected by her beloved man as if splendid aurora phenomena in polar circles caused by solar lights.

The hands applied beautiful make up also express the mind of waiting for someone’s hold.

AURORA are manufactured from 100% real enamel nail polish in a simple to use self-stick strips appliqués’ Base, color coat, designs/artworks and clear coat are fused together in the manufacturing process into a single layer strip for convenient simple application resulting in a professionally done look which feels, looks like applied enamel manicure from a professional nail salon.

- No dry time, Nail polish applique last up to 14days.
- Nail breathing technology, Your nail can breathe to reduce nail damage.
- No DBP, Tolue ne, or Formaldehyde and Made in Korea.
- No need base coat, top coat, color coat, All in one type


AURORA nail art applique.
(Here are brief features of the product)

- We develop technology based on human's emotion.
- Do beautiful nail art on your nail without professional nail art skills.
- Let's easily stick and remove by acetone and remove.
- The nails breathe.(Does not use raw material PU and PVC)
- More hygienic than other product made by PU and PVC sticker.
- Looks like normal nail art, because of original manicure liquid.
- Very clear painting.
- No-smelly.
- Time-saving.
- Long-lasting.
- More elastic and flexible
- More adhesive strength strong.
- Measurement of the product : Length 180mm, width 70mm, thickness 3.3mm, weight 15 grams.

AURORA Nail Art Polish manicure is easy and fantastic nail art.

Normally it is not easy to do nail art with manicure on the nails, so we go to a professional nail artist.
However, if you meet AURORA Nail Art Polish manicure, you can simply attach beautifully designed nail art without professional nail art skills.

It can also save your much time about drying or drawing complex objects on your nail.
You can also look and feel the same as when you use manicure, because it’s made with original manicure liquid not PU (polyurethane) and PVC or normal print ink.

Therefore, Your nail art doesn't discolor and shape is not modified, after doing nail art.
Your nail can also breathe, while nail art polish is on your nail than PU & PVC nail art sticker.
So a hygienic your nail and around the nail also while nail art on your nail. This lasts for approximately 15~20 days.

I would say this AURORA Nail Art Polish manicure is a great and efficient way to make your nail beautiful within short time without professional nail art skills.

We also can be supply a good quality buff.

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Nail Patch_ Nail Sticker_ Nail Polish